Investment Statement

NOTICE: Prospective investors are advised that Just Dollars Trust, in making this offer, relies on an exemption granted by the Securities Commission from the obligation to disclose under the Securities Act 1978 and the Securities Regulations 1983 information that is material to the making of an informed investment decision. This document may therefore not contain all the information normally required to be disclosed by the Securities Act 1978 and the Securities Regulations 1983 in an investment statement or registered prospectus. Accordingly, the risks associated with this investment may not be as fully disclosed as if there were an investment statement and registered prospectus. Prospective investors should consider seeking professional advice.

Important Information

(The information in this section is required under the Securities Act 1978)

Investment decisions are very important. They often have long-term consequences. Read all documents carefully. Ask questions. Seek advice before committing yourself.

Choosing an Investment Advisor

You have the right to request from any investment adviser a written disclosure statement stating his or her experience and qualifications to give advice. That document will tell you:

  • Whether the adviser gives advice only about particular types of investments; and
  • Whether the advice is limited to the investments offered by one or more particular financial organisations; and
  • Whether the adviser will receive a commission or other benefit from advising you.

You are strongly encouraged to request that statement. An investment adviser commits an offence if he or she does not provide you with a written disclosure statement within five working days of your request. You must make the request at the time the advice is given or within one month of receiving the advice.

In addition:

  • If an investment adviser has any conviction for dishonesty or has been adjudged bankrupt, he or she must tell you this in writing; and
  • If an investment adviser receives any money or assets on your behalf, he or she must tell you in writing the methods employed for this purpose.

Tell the adviser what the purpose of your investment is. This is important because different investments are suitable for different purposes.

What sort of investment is this?

Just Dollars Trust term deposits are unsecured interest bearing and non-interest bearing term investments denominated in New Zealand dollars with a fixed term of investment and fixed rate of interest (where applicable) payable to you by Just Dollars Trust.

Who is involved in providing it for me?

Just Dollars Trust is the issuer. Just Dollars Trust's address is 193 Cashel Street, PO Box 4232, Christchurch. Just Dollars Trust is an incorporated charitable trust established in 1992 for the purpose of lending money to low income people to assist them to generate income for themselves.

How much do I pay?

You may select the amount you wish to invest in a term deposit, not being less than the minimum deposit amount from time to time set by Just Dollars Trust. Payment for term deposits may be made at the Just Dollars Trust office by cheque or cash, accompanied by a Just Dollars Trust investment application form.

What are the charges?

No charges are payable by you when you apply for a term deposit, but Just Dollars Trust has the right to adjust the rate of interest on term deposits which are terminated or partially withdrawn prior to their maturity date.

What returns will I get?

You are entitled to repayment of the principal amount of your term deposit at the time or times agreed on investment. However, if the term deposit is repaid prior to the maturity date at your request, the interest rate may be adjusted and the principal amount repayable may be reduced to offset interest payments (calculated at the rate prior to adjustment) which have been already received by you.

Interest will be paid or compounded on term deposits, with the frequency specified on the application form relating to the term deposit or as agreed with Just Dollars Trust at the time of investment.

Resident withholding tax will be deducted from interest payments to New Zealand resident investors. For non-resident investors, non-resident withholding tax will be deducted from interest payments.

What are my risks?

If Just Dollars Trust is unable to meet all of its obligations or goes into liquidation:

  • You may not recover all of your principal investment or receive the agreed interest in full;
  • You will not be obliged to pay any more than your investment in Just Dollars Trust term deposits;
  • Claims of all term deposit account holders would rank equally with all other unsecured creditors of Just Dollars Trust and behind all secured creditors and preferred claims.

Should you also have a loan account with Just Dollars Trust, Just Dollars Trust has the right to combine your accounts and may off-set any of your credit funds against debts owed by you to Just Dollars Trust.

Can the investment be altered?

Any specific terms applying to your term deposit may not be altered without the agreement of both yourself and Just Dollars Trust.

How do I cash my investment?

Just Dollars Trust will consider applications for early repayment of term deposits. Just Dollars Trust has the right to adjust the rate of interest on term deposits which are terminated or partially withdrawn early. In such an event, if the interest payments have already been made to you, and the total amount of interest paid exceeds the accrued interest (calculated at the adjusted rate of interest), any such excess will be deducted from the principal amount repayable.

Who do I contact with inquiries about my investment?

Just Dollars Trust staff can answer inquiries about term deposits. They can be contacted by telephone on 03-366-9978 or at the Just Dollars Trust office at 141 Hereford Street, Christchurch.

Is there anyone to whom I can complain if I have problems with the investment?

Any complaints about Just Dollars Trust term investments should be made in the first instance to Just Dollars staff at the Just Dollars Trust office by phoning 03-366-9978 or visiting the office at 141 Hereford Street, Christchurch. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of a complaint to staff you may contact the Just Dollars Trustees in writing at Just Dollars, PO Box 4232, Christchurch.

What other information can I obtain about this investment?

Other information about Just Dollars Trust and term investments is referred to in the Trust's financial statements. A copy of the Trust's most recent financial statements is available free of charge from the Just Dollars Trust office. Information can also be obtained from the Trust's periodic newsletters and brochures which are also available free of charge from the Just Dollars Trust office.

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